If Easter is a Pagan Vacation, Who Was Jesus?

Caution: This article and the information it consists of is not for Christians who merely believe and seem ahead to enjoying a tranquil Easter, which is such a lovely, religious getaway. If this is you, make sure you quit looking through now.

If you are still right here, this post is for Christians and non-Christians alike who may possibly be open up-mindedly searching for straightforward information about the origin of Christianity, and want to realize for on their own how Christianity may possibly have arrive about, and perhaps what Jesus was truly making an attempt to explain to us, beyond the myths and legends of the Christian establishment, and what that establishment has turn into.

In addition, this is for the mothers and fathers of Christian kids who want to be comparatively particular that their youngsters are receiving the straight story, due to the fact if they usually are not, they will definitely be disillusioned when they become teenagers and discover differently from all the numerous sources that are out there now. The pursuing are the viewpoints of POCM, so information in this post should be checked out additional for oneself before creating any concrete conclusions.

POCM promises “ancient Pagans (prior to Jesus) believed in various stages of divinity, with miraculous powers, coming down and going up to its house in the sky. Divine beings cared about individuals, listened to and answered their prayers. Gave them the electrical power to prophesy. Even gave them a far better offer in the everlasting existence that will come following death.”

POCM references historic resources and invitations men and women to decide for them selves if the Christian godman tale is related to Pagan godman tales. In other terms, POCM implies that the original Christian Church fathers gathered all the present myths and spiritual suggestions of the time and produced a Christ myth. POCM states, “The tips came 1st. The details came later on. The facts have been made up to suit the ideas…. though we imagine that the which means of Jesus will come from the specifics about Jesus, the truth has to be the other way close to. Again at the quite beginning, the specifics about Jesus were altered to in shape with the meaning of Jesus.”

In other phrases, Jesus was not the only one who professed to be the son of God in people times. This has relevance simply because the principal sticking point of Christianity, and one that can make Christianity so divisive relating to other religions, is their perception that Jesus is actually the son of God, and as a result no other religion has relevance. But what if Jesus was not the son of God? Then Christians could shell out more attention to what he taught about compassion and caring, instead than His authority of getting a divine. This would make a huge big difference in Christian attitudes and foster an openness, instead than judgmentalism, toward other religions. It would be a tranquil point, and Christians could really become Peacemakers, as Jesus recommended in His Sermon on the Mount.

POCM goes on to say “real Pagan-Christian similarities are not details of the myths. who is jesus Every single historic religion experienced its very own myths. No other Pagan godman was born on December 25th, in a manger, with a virgin mother named Mary, and shepherds outside singing. What Pagan religions shared with every single other and with Christianity was not myths but religious ideas-fundamental notions about the condition of the universe, the human soul and its eternal destiny, and about Gods and their powers and spot in the universe. The Christian and Pagan myths are similar because they have been made up to match spiritual ideas that are equivalent. There is no steady, reasoned examination of the proof that can choose out Christianity as essentially distinct from other ancient Pagan religions. Christianity is an ancient Pagan religion.”

POCM points out underneath the reasoning driving the claim that Christianity borrowed ideas from the Pagan society all around it:

“When Osiris is stated to bring his believers everlasting life in Egyptian Heaven, thinking about the unutterable, indescribable glory of God, we realize that as a myth.

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